Me, an author? Who’d a thought it?


A book, a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, so many things that I now have, that make me feel like a real author!

I’ve always been a reader, a big reader.  I’ve always written, the odd story or poem here or there, diaries, journals and the like, so I guess I’ve always been a writer too.

But an author?  I’ve dreamt of it, but I wasn’t sure I would ever make it.  Publishing a book, having an audience to read my writing, the stuff that dreams are made of, now a reality.

On the 1st December, my first children’s book, The Princess Without a Crown will be published, I’ve already sold 50 copies through pre-orders and to say I’m thrilled is an understatement.  

It’s real.  I am an author.  Books two and three are written and will be published in 2021 but for now I’m going to enjoy the moment and keep repeating that magical mantra to myself….


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