And Now For the Hard Bit….

Well it turns out that writing the book was the easy bit! I didn’t think so at the time, but I do now. The stories are in my head, the words flow with relative ease. The ideas, the inspiration, the visualisation, the making it happen. The enlisting, the engaging, the finding my team. Dreams into reality. All work, of course, but not hard work.

It’s exciting, it’s fun. The adrenaline is rushing, the words are flowing. It’s real. It’s happening. You can see the fruits of your labour, literally as a book appears. A flurry of excitement as you rush to publication date, pre-orders begin, reviews happen. There is a buzz.

And then. The buzz becomes a gentle hum. It’s pleasant and comforting. It feels more real and oozes potential, but… What do you need to do to keep that hum going or even better to get it back to a buzz and that’s where the real work starts.

Now I have to say I am loving this stage too, but oh my I am having to learn new tricks. I’m having to be brave. I’m having to step outside my comfort zone and take risks. I’ve stepped into a brave new world and it’s certainly not as cosy and comfortable as my old world.

Networking. Facebook. Groups. Pages.
Instagram. Grid. Story. DM. PM. Hashtag.
Instagrammers. Bookstagrammers. Whatthegrammers
Business Brain. Tax. Accounts. Paypal. Postage. Packaging.
Bookplates. Business cards. Compliment slips.
Press releases. Adverts. Self-Promotion. Free promotion.
Lives. Interviews. Ring lights. Tripods. Clubhouse. On Stage. Off Stage. Hands Up.
Visionboards. Mission Statements. Life coach. Business Coach. Writing Coach.
Canva. Content. Scheduling. Planning. Editing. Posting.

Buzzing round my brain, learning those new tricks. A sense of achievement as ‘Little Miss Technophobe’ becomes ‘Ms I can do anything!’ ready for the hard bit!

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