Are you a reader?  Are you a writer? Are you both?

I’m both!  I love words, pure and simple.  I love reading them, watching them dance across the page, conjuring images in my mind.  I love writing them, ideas from my mind flowing through me, out of my fingers onto the page!

How about you?  If you are a writer, I’m pretty sure that you are a reader too.  I think it would be impossible to be a writer if you didn’t love reading, but maybe I’m wrong, let me know if you write but don’t read.

It doesn’t always follow the other way round though, does it?  Plenty of people read but don’t write.  Why is that I wonder?  I think that perhaps, we are told there are so many rules about writing, spelling and grammar and maybe at school we weren’t very good at them so our confidence got knocked. Perhaps we see authors as special, extra talented people, who get chosen by publishers to have their words read.

I’d like to smash both those stereotypes, myth-busting time!  I am rubbish at spelling, and well grammar, lots of those rules fly by me when I am mid-flow and the words are coming thick and fast.  I’m a great writer, a published author and I don’t know, or care what a fronted adverbial is!  There I said it.  I only know how to spell necessary because I remember ‘It is necessary for a shirt to have one collar and two sleeves’.

I enlist others, my lovely hubby reads my words first and he is fab at spelling, grammar and all that shizzazle. My talented publisher looks next and picks up if it’s not making sense or if there are any glaring mistakes and typos.  So, believe me – if I can write, so can you!

And publishing, well, self-publishing is now an option which has opened up the publishing world for many ordinary everyday folk. I was at a street party in London recently and met a lovely older lady who had self-published a book.  We sat and chatted about books, reading and writing for hours and now I have a new friend.

If you have a yearning to tell a tale, to bring a book to life, to share your story, then do it.  Don’t let self-limiting beliefs keep you as a reader; believe in yourself and be a writer too!

If you want to take a step toward being a writer, join me on Saturday 25th June for an online Writing Workshop. With teaching, tips, techniques and of course plenty of time to write, this will be a great day to explore being a writer and how writing can enhance your life.

Book here:

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