About Me

Hello, I’m Claire and I’m an Author.

Once upon a time…

There was a little girl who loved to read. 

She had a tricky time growing up but eventually became a teacher.  Over 20 years she read many, many books to many, many children.  With each book she read she dreamed of writing her own stories, stories to help little people believe that they can be who they want to be.

Yep, you guessed it, the little girl was me!

Making dreams come true

I’ve always loved reading, and writing. Both offered some form of escape from what some may call a traumatic childhood. But for me it was my childhood, it was normal, I was loved and was surrounded by good people who wanted the best for me, even when times were tough.

In my 50th year I decided it was time to stop dreaming of being an author and take action to make it happen.

My first book

The Princess Without a Crown was my first book to be published and is about a Princess who doesn’t need a crown or a prince. 

Writing about bereavement

I have been writing my Pink Widow blog for 6 years, a way to express the pain and heartache I feel since my husband died of bowel cancer and I was widowed aged juts 45.

My book The Pink Widow will be published in September 2021.