Here I share my journey of finally becoming a writer and pursuing many more of my writing dreams.

Are you a reader?  Are you a writer? Are you both?

I’m both!  I love words, pure and simple.  I love reading them, watching them dance across the page, conjuring images in my mind.  I love writing them, ideas from my mind flowing through me, out of my fingers onto the page! How about you?  If you are a writer, I’m pretty sure that you are a reader too.  I think it would be impossible to be a writer if you didn’t love reading, but maybe I’m wrong, let me know if you write but don’t read. It doesn’t always follow…

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April – Stress is in the air

April is Stress Awareness Month.  Stress is something I am very aware of as there have been times in my life when I have been overwhelmed and felt I just couldn’t cope. Not surprising given that the Mental Health Foundation’s 2018 research found that 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. AND THAT WAS BEFORE A GLOBAL PANDEMIC! I wonder what that statistic would be now, given all the changes and uncertainty in the world. Stress, of course,…

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Love, Love, Love

February is the month of love supposedly; although l think every month should be the month of love! February is also LGBT+ history month. I wrote The Princess Without a Crown ( because I wanted little people to be able to read books that gave a strong ‘Love is Love’ message. I read many books as a Primary School Teacher, and felt frustrated that there weren’t enough books where the main characters represented the diversity of love that surrounds us. Love is love and we should be free to love…

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Twenty Twenty-Two – Hopes and Dreams

Lots of people celebrate New Year’s Eve and think about New Year’s resolutions.  They plan the ways that they want to change themselves, or their lives, to improve them, and be better. Too much of our lives can be spent planning and dreaming of the future, usually a different future than the present we are sitting in right now. My life experiences have taught me a harsh lesson and I no longer spend time waiting for the future that may never come.  I live more in the present moment and,…

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Breakfast for one

Today I’ve woken up alone, which reminds me of my early days of widowhood.  Those moments where you roll over, reach out, and remember.  There’s no one there.  He’s not there.  He never will be again. I come downstairs and the house is empty.  Luckily for me, just because the boys have gone on a boy’s boating holiday for a week, not because anyone has died. This time.  My tummy rumbles and I head to the kitchen.  It’s the weekend but what’s the point of a treat breakfast for one?…

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How cool is my new hat?I mean it’s purple for a start so matches the front cover of The Princess Without a Crown. #Writer That may be my favourite hashtag and it’s certainly my favourite hat.And I have many hats.So that got me to thinking about the hats that I wear. I’ve been wearing a mum hat for more than 30 years and it’s by far the thing I feel proudest of. I have 2 wonderful daughters. I’m not perfect, but I know they are two compassionate, caring and kind…

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And Now For the Hard Bit….

Well it turns out that writing the book was the easy bit! I didn’t think so at the time, but I do now. The stories are in my head, the words flow with relative ease. The ideas, the inspiration, the visualisation, the making it happen. The enlisting, the engaging, the finding my team. Dreams into reality. All work, of course, but not hard work. It’s exciting, it’s fun. The adrenaline is rushing, the words are flowing. It’s real. It’s happening. You can see the fruits of your labour, literally as…

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For Real!

As I held my book in my hand, I squealed, “It’s a real book, how exciting, it’s a real book!” And it was. It’s so hard to describe those emotions I felt as I held the proof copy in my hand for the first time. Even harder to explain the feelings when a box of 100 copies arrived to be signed and sold… that box is pretty empty now and I need to order some more in the new year. Excited, thrilled, ecstatic, alongside anxious, scared and unbelievable. I’ve always…

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The princess arrives!

Waiting for the post to come, waiting for the ring? Come on postie, hurry up, can’t concentrate on a thing! Today my first book will come, I’ll hold it in my hand A dream come true, a lifetime’s work, can you understand? Excitement running through my veins, a bursting in my heart. Feeling hopeful, sparking joy, for this is just the start A writer, an author, a poet too, who do I think I am? A working class girl, with dreams so big, to do it if I can.

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